16. Assets Held for Sale


PLN ‘000 Dec 31 2009 Dec 31 2008
Land 1,376 1,376
Buildings and structures 2,676 2,676
Plant and equipment 33 33
Vehicles 1,124 4,546
Total 5,209 8,631

Assets held for sale represent items that the Group intends to sell within twelve months from the change of their classification.

Assets held for sale include, inter alia, land owned, perpetual usufruct right to land, buildings, structures, plant and equipment related to service stations and the storage and reloading base (logistics assets), as well as vehicles (railway engines). As at December 31st 2009, held-for-sale assets presented in the downstream segment amount to PLN 2,409 thousand (December 31st 2008: PLN 5,831 thousand).

This is a translation of a document originally issued in Polish

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