Upstream operations Development plans

Development plans

In the near future, the exploration and extraction of the LOTOS Group will focus on the Baltic Sea, the Norwegian Continental Shelf and Lithuania.

Areas of operation

Areas of operation

Directions of the upstream segment:

  • Poland – the Baltic Sea:
    • stabilising extraction from the B3 field
    • continuation of the B8 field development,
  • Norway – the Norwegian Continental Shelf:
    • completing the development and the start of extraction from the Yme field
    • developing the exploration licence portfolio,
  • Lithuania:
    • finalising the process of acquiring AB Geonafta
    • business integration of the acquired Company.

Exploration areas

The exploration work within the licences in the Baltic Sea and on the Norwegian Shelf is aimed at discovering new fields of oil and gas that will replace the fields being developed and operated now.

Resources of oil and natural gas of the LOTOS Group according to the classification of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and World Petroleum Council
Category (*) Total in the Baltic Sea and on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
million tonnes
billion m3
Confirmed resources 6.4 4.5
Conditional resources 0.8 2.4

(*) The table does not include any prospect resources that may be discovered within the exploratory licences.

The Baltic Sea: 8 exploration licences

mapa koncesji wydobywczych na Morzu Bałtyckim



  1. South Gas (34/2001/p)
  2. North Gas (35/2001/p)
  3. Gotlandia (36/2001/p)
  4. Łeba (37/2001/p)
  5. Rozewie (38/2001/p)
  6. Sambia E (39/2001/p)
  7. Sambia W (40/2001/p)
  8. Wolin (41/2001/p)



4 production licenses in the Baltic Sea:
B3 Field production resources: 1.2 million tonnes of oil, a production licence valid until 2016
B8 Field production resources: 3.5 million tonnes of oil, a production licence valid until 2034
B6 Field production resources: 1.8 billion m3, a licence for natural gas (gas condensate) production valid until 2032
B4 Field production resources: 2.0 billion m3, a licence for natural gas production valid until 2032


The Norwegian Continental Shelf : 9 exploration licences

The Norvegian Continental Shelf

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