Operational activities Development plans

Development plans

In the next few years, the LOTOS Group plans to focus on developing and implementing streamlining and ecological technologies. This year will see the start-up of the next systems within the 10+ Programme.

Within investments, the primary aim for 2010 is to complete the 10+ Programme. First, the preparation to start the Hydrocracking system is planned (MHC), followed by the heavy vacuum remnants processing ( ROSE ), which will crown the project implementation. At the same time, the construction of the nitrogen system, the P24 pumping station, the inter-facility connections (3rd phase), the kerosene pump and LON at the P20 and P3 pumping stations will be completed.

The 10+ Programme is a key project implemented by Grupa LOTOS. Therefore, all the risks are analysed in a systematic manner and the resulting actions are taken to provide the safe and timely completion of the investment.

The plans of the LOTOS Group within research, innovation and production focus on the following measures:

  • developing the technology of production and a range of niche products based on paraffin and plasticizers of reduced toxicity applied in rubber and rubber products,
  • developing the technology of fuel production with the addition of biocomponents with up to 10% of bioethanol in gasoline and 7% of FAME in diesel oil
  • developing and improving the technology of the 2nd generation biocomponent production through the process of the co-hydrogenation of vegetable oils with diesel oil fractions.
  • the reduction of CO2 emissions with the project of assessing greenhouse gas emissions in the Life Cycle Assessment ( LCA ) of engine fuels according to the 2009/30/EC Directive, and
  • confirming the quality of oil bases produced at Grupa LOTOS with reference to the requirements of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) for engine oils.

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