Market activities Management approach

Management approach

The commercial activity of the LOTOS Group is carried out both in the parent company and in the subsidiaries, i.e. LOTOS Paliwa, LOTOS Tank, LOTOS Oil, LOTOS Asfalt and LOTOS Parafiny.

The main aims within the market activities result from the long-term strategy of Grupa LOTOS in this area. The important factors that determine the commercial segment of the LOTOS Group include the regular analysis of changes that take place on the market, care for the comprehensive and constantly extended range of products of top quality as well as continuous improvement of trading processes.

Strategic aims of the LOTOS Group within its market activities include:

  • maximising the integrated margin of the Group,
  • trading products of the highest quality parameters,
  • diversification of directions and sources of oil supplies, and
  • streamlining logistic assets.


The objectives in specific areas of the market activities are as follows:


  • further and permanent strengthening of the market position,
  • maximising the economic effect with flexible control of the product stream,
  • achieving a 30% share in the Polish fuel market in 2012,
  • developing aviation fuel sales in Poland, and
  • increasing activity in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe.


Share of the LOTOS Group in the fuel market

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Retail market

  • obtaining a 10% share in the domestic fuel retail market in 2012,
  • raising the efficiency of the fuel stations network, and
  • strengthening the image of a modern and developing network of LOTOS fuel stations.


The LOTOS fuel stations network covers all of Poland and is being developed systematically in the premium segment, i.e. the stations of top standards both in terms of their offer and the level of services. Within the adopted strategy of positioning of the LOTOS brand, the franchise type stations that offer a basic standard and still operate under the banner of the Gdańsk refinery belong to the channel that is being reduced. The aim is to achieve complete quality and image consolidation under the well-known and widely recognised brand of LOTOS.

Non-fuel products

  • maximising the economic effect by using the present market position and increasing the efficiency of sales,
  • maintaining the position as the leader on the domestic market of lubricating oils,
  • raising the share of oil services in sales,
  • maintaining the leading position on the Polish market of modified bitumen, and
  • a strong position on the market of Central and Eastern Europe.

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