Management systems Development plans

Development plans

In 2010, the Company will continue implementing processes aimed at establishing a strong organisation based on business processes and supported by the Integrated IT System, including:

  • the implementation of the Information Security System based on ISO 27001:2005. The undisturbed implementation of management processes is crucial for the development of the Capital Group. The security of information and data processing systems is one of the key elements ensuring the continuity of operations and development. Developed and implemented information protection rules are consistent with applicable legal regulations imposing an obligation to protect defined types of information, in particular personal data, confidential data relative to business operations, information provided by business partners, stock exchange and data, information on protective rights as well as environmental data. System organisational mechanisms ensure that system quality is enhanced all the time and the systems meet the continuous improvement principle applicable to management systems;
  • the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to efficiently prevent threats accompanying the Capital Group’s activity and environment. The purpose of the system is to support the organisation in the execution of its strategy and business processes within the defined risk limits by effectively reacting to identified threats, as well as to chances and opportunities;
  • the improvement and expansion of the Capital Group’s Integrated Management System Portal used to publish documentation internal to the Company in a timely manner as well as provide employees with relevant information.

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