Agenda 2009

Agenda 2009





Events Awards
kolumna frakcjonującej instalacji łagodnego hydrokrakinguA fractioning column for the mild hydrocracking system constructed within the 10+ Programme reaches Gdańsk. The column is 46 m high and weighs 172 tonnes. Grupa LOTOS receives the ‘Oil Deal of the Year’ title for the credit agreement for financing the 10+ Programme. The title was granted by the specialist magazine Project Finance International (Thomson Reuters Group).
CGG Veritas completes seismic tests on the area of four licences of Petrobaltic located in the Baltic Sea. CGG Veritas, a world leader in seismic tests, carried out 2D and 3D studies.  
LOTOS Paliwa and the McDonald’s chain decide to jointly develop 6 rest areas along the A2 and A4 motorways.


Events Awards
The Anti-Crisis Package is launched in the LOTOS Group due to the global crisis. It provided savings of PLN 722.5 m in 2009 alone, compared to the plan of PLN 390 m. Grupa LOTOS receives the ‘European Petrochemicals Deal of the Year 2008’ title for the organization of financing the 10+ Programme from the Project Finance Magazine owned by the Euromoney agency.
Posadowienie na fundamentach czterech kolumn instalacji destylacji atmosferycznej i próżniowej (CDU/VDU)Four columns of the crude/vacuum distillation unit (CUD/VDU) are placed. The work was completed within the 10+ Programme.  
The approval of the multi-functional LOTOS Oil is issued by the Command of Tank and Truck Services and Support of Polish Armed Forces. The oil may be applied in the basic tank of the Polish army – PT–91 ‘Twardy’.
Global CompactGrupa LOTOS becomes a participant of the UN Global Compact organization, established upon the initiative of the UN Secretary General. The main aim of the organization is to promote the rules related to compliance with worker rights, support for environmental protection and counteracting corruption.


Events Awards
The planned production overhaul of the Gdańsk refinery commences. Diamenty ForbesaLOTOS Kolej receives the ‘Forbes Diamond 2009’ award in the category of companies with sales above PLN 200 mln per year. ‘Forbes Diamonds’ are awarded on the basis of a Swiss method of appraising goodwill, which provides a measurement of the business potential taking account of the value of investments and the capacity to increase sales and profits. The ‘Forbes Diamonds’ list is the result of cooperation between the Forbes monthly and Dun & Bradstreet.
LOTOS Oil becomes a member of Association Technique de L'Industrie Européene des Lubrifiants, the association of the leading producers and sellers of engine oils in Europe.  
Grupa LOTOS becomes a strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum, the first and only NGO in Poland committed to the popularization of CSR ideas in Poland.


Events Awards
After 33 days of down-time, the revisions and modernizations of the Gdańsk refinery are completed successfully. The record pace of the overhaul has provided an increase in the refining margin of the plant. 7th place for Grupa LOTOS in the ranking of Rzeczpospolita daily presenting the five hundred largest companies operating in Poland.
pojazd SeaEye FalconPetrobaltic purchases a remote control vehicle, SeaEye Falcon, to carry out advanced tests on the Baltic Sea bed, important in the process of developing submarine fields of oil and gas. 6th place for Grupa LOTOS in the ranking of Polityka weekly presenting the five hundred largest companies in Poland.
LOTOS Gdynia Team wins the Polish Cup in women’s basketball, the 10th championship title in the history of the club from Gdynia.
CSR 24/7Grupa LOTOS wins in the ‘CSR 24/7’ national ranking that assesses the social responsibility of companies. The ranking summed up the tests of responsible business campaigns among the 39 largest firms from 13 sectors. Grupa LOTOS was recognised as the leader in relations with stakeholders and in responsibility for the environment. The good result of Grupa LOTOS was affected by the Social Responsibility Report published in 2008, which was one of the few reports in Poland that fulfilled the international reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative. The ranking is organised by the consulting firm Braun & Partners in cooperation with the Polish Confederation of Private Employers ‘Lewiatan’.


Events Awards
Grupa LOTOS, ENERGA and PGNiG establish a consortium to develop a feasibility study for the construction and operation of a modern heat and power plant supplied with gas of the electrical power of 200 MW. The facility is to be built at the Gdańsk refinery. The estimated cost of the project is about PLN 800 million and its launch is planned in 2013. EuroproduktLOTOS Paliwa and its Dynamic brand receive the ‘Europrodukt’ title in the 14th edition of the Polish ‘Europrodukt’ competition. The programme awards firms and companies that may compete with European producers in terms of quality, production technology and professional customer service.
The first Rest Areas managed by LOTOS Paliwa are launched, located in Kołbaskowo on the A6 motorway.  

Grupa LOTOS receives a new power supply system. The new system gives the capacity to connect additional 40 MW power for the new refining systems constructed within the 10+ Programme. 



Events Awards
Grupa LOTOS launches a modern fuel base in the Gdańsk airport. The project involves the construction of a new system and tanks for storing top quality aviation fuel to be delivered to the airport directly from the Gdańsk refinery. The investment is completed in six months. Złoty Laur KonsumentaLOTOS Dynamic fuels rank 1st in the fifth edition of the ‘Consumer Laurel 2009’ programme in the ‘Premium Fuels’ category. The winning products are selected in a national consumer poll.
The new fan cooler system constructed in the Gdańsk refinery is started. It provides cooling of the new systems of the 10+ Programme that is more economical and safer for the environment. 

SuperbrandsGrupa LOTOS receives the ‘Business Superbrand Polska’ title in the second edition of the prestigious Business Superbrands project aimed at selecting the strongest and best recognised business-to-business brands available on the Polish market. This is already the second award for Grupa LOTOS. The title is granted by the international organization Superbrands, which assessed more than 1 thousand Polish consumer brands.

LOTOS Kolej and Bombardier Transportation conclude an agreement on the delivery of 6 diesel locomotives Bombardier TRAXX F140 DE of the estimated value of EUR 18.6 million. The agreement provides for the option to buy 4 more locomotives (optional engines). The planned delivery date of the locomotives – 2nd half of 2011. Lider Zarządzania Zasobami LudzkimiGrupa LOTOS becomes the winner of the 10th edition of the HR Management Leader competition organised by the Institute of Labour and Social Issues. The distinction is granted for comprehensive solutions within training and employee development. Grupa LOTOS was among the winners for the third time.
The 5th LOTOS Baltic Cup Rally is held. Leading Polish rally drivers competed on Kashubian roads for points in the Polish Cup. CSR 24/7Grupa LOTOS is ranked 5th in the CSR24/7 Rating in Central and Eastern Europe, the highest position among Polish firms. CSR 24/7 is a rating tool developed by Braun & Partners designed to assess the reliability of CSR projects based on information available to the general public. The rating is based on the AccountAbility standards, the GRI indexes, the basic principles of good practices and the extended reporting of the social responsibility encompassing environmental, ethical, social and economic commitments.

LOTOS QUAZARA range of state-of-the-art synthetic engine oils LOTOS QUAZAR is launched – the offer of LOTOS Oil has become richer with the new separate line of brand oils.

A modern factory for producing hydro-insulation materials is opened in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. LOTOS Asfalt is the investor of this project.


Events Awards
Grupa LOTOS issues the ‘Social Responsibility Report 2008’. The publication is the first report of a firm with solely Polish capital, based on the latest version of the Global Reporting Initiative methodology – the international organization that promotes standards of non-financial reporting. Grupa LOTOS is 15th in the ranking of the most interesting employers in Poland. The ‘Poland’s 100 – Top Employers’ ranking was prepared based on annual opinions given by graduates of economic and technical universities. The all-European poll encompassed 200 thousand respondents. The questionnaire in 22 countries was administered by the German Trendence Institute.
SOCAR, a state oil concern from Azerbaijan, and Grupa LOTOS sign a letter of intent in Baku concerning cooperation in technical and economic analyses within potential business projects in Azerbaijan, Poland and other third countries.  
Nafta Polska transfers all its stocks of Grupa LOTOS to the StateTreasury.


Events Awards
Program 10+A 1200-tonne reactor, the largest in the history of the Gdańsk refinery, is founded within the 10+ Programme on the building site of the mild hydrocracking system.  
Program 10+Production with the diesel oil hydrodesulphurization system (HDS) commences. This is the first system started within the 10+ Programme.
Grupa LOTOS and LOTOS Kolej sign an agreement concerning shipping and other services related to railway transport. Its estimated net value amounts to more than PLN 2.1 bn. The agreement will be in force until 31 December 2019. 
The construction of a modern transport pipeline connecting the Gdańsk refinery with Naftoport is completed. Its design transition capacity amounts to 9 million tonnes of crude gasoline per year.
LOTOS Paliwa signs a contract with ESSO Deutschland/ExxonMobil to extend the fleet cooperation within the international programme of LOTOS/ESSO cards. As a result, Grupa LOTOS becomes the exclusive representative of ExxonMobil and receives the right to acquire and service transport companies from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Events Awards
Program 10+Construction of the hydrogen system is completed – another installation commissioned in Gdańsk within the 10+ Programme. AwionetkaLOTOS Tank receives an award in the 1st edition of the ‘Awionetka’ competition for remarkable achievements on the aviation market. The jury of the competition recognised Grupa LOTOS for opening the first fuel base at the Lech Walesa Gdansk Airport in 2009.
Nexler logoA new brand of building paper is launched – NEXLER owned by LOTOS Asfalt. The Programme Council of the Economic Forum in Krynica grants Grupa LOTOS the title of the ‘Investor of Central and Eastern Europe 2009’. The President of the Board, Paweł Olechnowicz, received the award from the Minister of the State Treasury, Aleksander Grad. The award was granted for the efficient and timely implementation of the 10+ Programme.
LOTOS Tank receives the Certificate of the Ground Service Agent issued by the Civil Aviation Agency.  


Events Awards
Grupa LOTOS confirms that it is the general sponsor of Polish skiing before the Olympic Games in Vancouver. The relevant agreement was signed between the presidents of the management boards of Grupa LOTOS and the Polish Skiing Association. Firma Dobrze WidzianaGrupa LOTOS is awarded in the ‘Well Perceived Company’ competition. Grupa LOTOS received the prize for the best social image in the Pomorskie Voivodeship. The competition is a part of the project entitled ‘CSR – a tool for building a positive image of an enterprise’ implemented all over Poland by BCC in partnership with the Forum of Trade Unions and the Academy of Charity Development in Poland.
Globe ForumGrupa LOTOS receives a special award during the Globe Forum in Gdańsk for implementing the 10+ Programme. The award was given to the President, Paweł Olechnowicz, by the President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek. The Globe Forum is an international meeting dedicated to the promotion of valuable initiatives within sustainability.


Events Awards
Grupa LOTOS, being a part of the WIG20 index, qualifies for the first SCR index in Central and Eastern Europe – the RESPECT Index at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Grupa LOTOS wins the first edition of the competition for the ‘Award of the President of the Management Board of the Polish Centre of Tests and Certification Joint Stock Company’ for improvement, popularization and promotion of quality issues and management with respect for the natural environment. The award serves to promote organizations committed to environmental protection, improving their management processes and propagating and promoting quality management.
LOTOS Kolej signs an agreement with Railpool GmbH for the five-year lease of electrical locomotives manufactured by Bombardier of the TRAXX F140 MS type. The locomotives may be operated on the railways in Poland, Germany and Austria. wyróżnienie w konkursie „Raporty Społeczne 2009” Grupa LOTOS receives a distinction in ‘Social Reports 2009’ the competition for its CSR report published that year. The jury emphasized the maintenance of a high level of reporting information within CSR and the innovative solutions applied in this process. Forum of Responsible Business, PricewaterhouseCoopers and CSR Consulting are the competition organizers.
LOTOS Tank delivers fuel to an aircraft at the Lech Walesa Gdansk Airport for the first time. A plane flying from Gdańsk to Oslo refuelled with 8 thousand litres of aviation fuel. Pomorski Klaster 3X20"Grupa LOTOS receives the main award in the competition organised by the Consortium ‘Pomorski Klaster 3x20’ for the construction of the hydrogen production plant within the 10+ Programme. The competition jury stressed the consistent efforts of Grupa LOTOS in implementing modern technologies and its focus on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact.
  The National Ski Jump Development Programme ‘In Search for the Master’s Successor’ implemented by Grupa LOTOS and the Polish Skiing Association becomes the winner of the Sport Business Awards DEMES 2009 in the category ‘Sport of Children and Youth’.


Events Awards

Mamy już Rafinerię 10+The construction of the integrated crude-vacuum distillation unit (CDU-VDU) is completed, the most important production system built within the 10+ Programme. CDU/VDU has increased the rated processing capacities of oil in Gdańsk to 10.5 million tonnes per year.

Grupa LOTOS is ranked 18th in the ‘Ranking of the Most Valuable Brands’ published by the Rzeczpospolita daily. Grupa LOTOS has improved its position from last year by one. The value of the LOTOS brand is appraised at almost PLN 615 mln, i.e. 13% more than in 2008. In the classification according to the values, LOTOS is ahead of e.g. Citi Handlowy, TVP1, Bank Millenium, Warta, Reserved, Heyah, Ergo Hestia and LOT.
Grupa LOTOS concludes forward contracts with Mercuria Energy Trading and Petraco for the delivery of 5.4 million tonnes of Russian oil per year. Moreover, Grupa LOTOS will buy at least 320 thousand tonnes of raw material from the Norwegian Statoil. Gazele BiznesuLOTOS Parafiny receives the ‘Business Gazelle 2009’ award. The award is given to dynamically developing SMEs. The awards are granted by the Puls Biznesu daily and Coface Poland.
LOTOS Paliwa and PUHIT from Warsaw conclude an agreement on operating a hotel infrastructure at rest areas. Start brand hotels are to be launched at the LOTOS stations under the agreement. The LOTOS brand is recognised to be one of the strongest brands on the Polish consumer market in the fourth edition of the Superbrands project and receives the title of the ‘Superbrand Polska 2010’. The programme is organised by Superbrands, the organization that has operated in 80 countries for 14 years. The consumers and members of the Brand Council appraised almost 1.5 thousand Polish brands in the project.




Events Awards
LOTOS E&P Norge acquires 50% and the position of operator in the PL 556 production licence. The shares were distributed by the Norwegian Ministry of Oil and Energy within the APA 2009 round. The PL 556 licence is located in the Norwegian Sea.

For the second time Grupa LOTOS receives the award and title of the ‘Polish Industry Changing Force’. In the 10th edition of the award Grupa LOTOS was awarded for the 10+ Programme. The organiser of the programme is the Nowy Przemysł monthly and the business portal

Inter Cars and LOTOS Oil conclude an agreement on strategic cooperation within the development of trading and distribution.  
Grupa LOTOS, LOTOS Tank and Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe ‘Porty Lotnicze’ sign a letter of intent concerning cooperation in delivering aviation fuel, lubricants and other technical materials for aircraft operating at the Okęcie Airport in Warsaw.


Events Awards
Grupa LOTOS and Windsor Energy Group organise the North European Energy Security Forum in Gdańsk. It was the first so prestigious meeting of the representatives of the EU, Polish government, business and experts of the energy sector from all over the world held in Gdańsk. Tytuł "Prezesa Roku"Paweł Olechnowicz, who has managed Grupa LOTOS for 8 years, receives the title of the ‘President of 2009’. The award is granted by the ‘Parkiet’ daily. The President of the Board of Grupa LOTOS received the statuette of the ‘Bulls and Bears’ in the listing hall of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The annual ceremony is to award and thus promote institutions and professionals who contribute to the development, propagation and development of the capital market.
LOTOS Paliwa launches the first pair of Rest Areas at the A4 motorway near Gliwice.
Diamenty ForbesaLOTOS Kolej receives the ‘Forbes Diamonds 2010’ title. The winning companies are awarded for the most dynamic growth in the last 3 years. This is the second diamond from Forbes for LOTOS Kolej.
The Dynamic World Rally Team is presented, which starts in the WRC World Cup in the 2010 season. The colours of LOTOS Dynamic fuels will be represented by Michał Kościuszko and Maciej Szczepaniak in a Ford Fiesta.  


Events Awards
The CDU/VDU system of the 10+ Programme is put into operation at the Gdańsk refinery. With the new system Grupa LOTOS will increase its production capacities of top quality diesel fuel to 5.5 million tonnes per year. During the international Intellectual Property Management Forum, Grupa LOTOS receives the 1st award for professional management of intellectual property and building a competitive advantage based on intellectual capital.
LOTOS Kolej starts the lease of 6 consecutive (out of 9) modern Bombardier TRAXX F140 MS locomotives with an electrical drive. Sieć stacji paliw LOTOS została doceniona w rankingu „Jakość Obsługi 2009”The network of LOTOS fuel stations is recognised in the ranking of ‘Service Quality 2009’, which summarizes the observations of customer service at fuel stations. According to the consumers, last year the LOTOS station network improved the quality of its services almost twofold, deserving the 1st place among all assessed stations, including for service time and the competences of its personnel. The ranking was published by the Rzeczpospolita daily. The organisers of the report collected opinions from 200 thousand customers who filled in questionnaires after a visit to a shop or a fuel station.
The basketball players of LOTOS Gdynia win the Polish Cup for the 11th time in a row in the history of the club. Medal EuropejskiLOTOS Oil service is awarded with the European Medal granted by the European Integration Committee Office, the Business Centre Club and the European Economic-Social Committee. 

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