Stock exchange RESPECT - new stock index

RESPECT – new stock index

An important event for Grupa LOTOS was the announcement of the first Corporate Social Responsibility Index in Central and Eastern Europe – the RESPECT Index –  at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The first quotation of the RESPECT Index took place on 19 November 2009. The value of the new index, starting from the base day, is calculated twice daily and announced to the public.

RESPECT is a project aimed at promoting top standards of responsible management among the companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Similar indexes operate on several dozen stock exchanges all over the world, the most important being the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good. The basis for the RESPECT Index were the results of a rating that assessed companies committed to sustainable growth tenets. The analysis encompassed the companies listed on the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange that came highest in the ranking of social responsibility and are leaders of communication on the financial market, sustainability and information governance.

Respect Index

The social responsibility definition adopted to assess the companies listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange (except for the NewConnect market, foreign companies and the companies whose stocks are listed outside the Warsaw Stock Exchange) and to create the RESPECT Rating which encapsulates management strategy and a particular approach to business. Grupa LOTOS joined the project as one of 120 firms that were assessed. Based on absolute criteria, Grupa LOTOS qualified to the A class of the RESPECT Rating. The companies that have obtained the highest rating were introduced into the sustainability index – the RESPECT Index. The index is an income index that takes account of the proceeds from dividends and pre-emptive rights, and is used to assess the situation of companies recognised as representing top corporate standards.


The value of the RESPECT Index in 2009

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The survey is to be repeated annually. The whole project is supervised by a steering committee comprising representatives of the organisers and a scientific council made up of independent authorities in science and economics. The process is also monitored by Deloitte, the company auditing the survey.  


Results of Grupa LOTOS vs. results of all companies in the RESPECT Rating and the companies included in the RESPECT Index

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