As at 30 June 2009, the Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of Grupa LOTOS passed a resolution on increasing the share capital of the Company by means of issuing shares. As at 9 July 2009, the State Treasury and Grupa LOTOS signed an agreement for the State Treasury to acquire 16,173,362 new ordinary C series bearer shares of Grupa LOTOS at the issue price of PLN 22.07 through private subscription, with payment for the shares by a contribution made by the State Treasury in the form of shares of Petrobaltic, LOTOS Jasło and LOTOS Czechowice. The subscription totalled PLN 356,946,099.30.

Following the increase in the share capital of the Company and the acquisition of a majority stake by the State Treasury, namely all the C series shares, the shareholders structure changed.

As at 17 July 2009 an increase in the share capital of Grupa LOTOS from PLN 113,700,000 to PLN 129,873,362 was registered. The total number of shares equivalent to the number of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders resulting from all the shares issued by Grupa LOTOS after the registration of the change in the share capital amounts to  129,873,362 shares. 

The structure of the share capital of Grupa LOTOS is as follows: 

  • 78,700,000 series A shares,
  • 35,000,000 series B shares,
  • 16,173,362 series C shares.


As at 22 July 2009, the State Treasury acquired another major stake of Grupa LOTOS shares under the agreement between Nafta Polska S.A. and the State Treasury of 16 July 2009. By  fulfilling contractual provisions, Nafta Polska transferred a total of 59,025,000 Grupa LOTOS shares to the State Treasury. 

Following the acquisition of the two aforementioned stakes of shares, the State Treasury had in its possession 83,076,392 shares of Grupa LOTOS. 

Following acquisition of the Company’s shares on the WSE, accounted for as at 19 November 2009, ING Open-End Pension Fund became the owner of 6,524,479 shares,  constituting to 5.02% of the total shares at the General Meeting of Shareholders of Grupa LOTOS.

The structure of the share capital of Grupa LOTOS 
31 Dec 2009

Shareholders No. of shares No. of votes Nominal  value of shares Per cent of the share capital
Treasury 83,076,392 83,076,392 83,076,392 63.97
ING OFE 6,524,479 6,524,479 6,524,479 5.02
Others 40,272,491 40,272,491 40,272,491 31.01
Total 129,873,362 129,873,362 129,873,362 100.00
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